"When I start to print and put those first three colours on the screen ... always just three ...  I am filled with anxiety.  Will the colours I see in my mind's eye materialise on the paper?  Will the resulting print be the best that I can produce?  Will it do justice to the creators of the 'Book of Kells' from where I draw my inspiration?


    But the ink is starting to dry and I must start to print.  I take a very deep breath, put the first sheet of paper in place, feeling its weight, its texture.  Then I drop the screen, grip the squeegee and ... Pull.  Soon I am lost in the rhythm of the printing process; adding a little more colour, adjusting pressure and speed to vary how the colours will touch the paper.  I am screenprinting."


I am an Irish artist living near Volterra in western Tuscany with my partner and two dogs. My studio has great big double doors and I can look out across the valley at the fantastic view while I work.


I came to live here a number of years ago from Killarney in the West of Ireland, because I have been in love with Italy from the very first moments I arrived in Rome as a student long ago. While missing the Atlantic storms, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.


I am a third generation artist and I suppose I don’t know how to be anything else. Since I left college I have only worked as an artist. I have known how to silkscreen print for as long as I can remember. Where ever we lived as I grew up there was always my fathers studio.  I don’t think he ever taught me how to print, though he insisted that before anything else I should be able to draw.


With the creation of this new web site I hope to give you a complete visit to my “Art Gallery”. Granted, it is a virtual gallery, but when you leave I want you to have a feeling for my work, what I do and who I am.